Halloween Location Looks: Day 2 of 31 – 500 Days of Summer

Oct 4, 2014 | 4 Comments

One month of costume inspiration from our favorite movies and TV shows continues!

Today’s costume comes from:

500 Days of Summer Opening Credits

500 Days of Summer (c/o Fox Searchlight’s “500 Days of Summer’)

One of my favorite scenes from 500 Days of Summer was shot at downtown LA’s Bradbury Building and I couldn’t wait to go inside!

500 Days of Summer - Bradbury Building

One of the coolest buildings in LA!

Zooey Deschanel played Summer to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Tom and the city of LA played the third lead!

500 Days of Summer - Bradbury Building

Zooey! (c/ Fox Searchlight’s “500 Days of Summer”)

I went with Zooey Deschanel’s look from the end of the film, so the key Summer costume pieces that you’ll need include:

500 Days of Summer Costume Supplies

Costume Supplies

1. Beige Trench Coat (Mine is old Anthropologie, but this H&M one is perfect at $25!)

2. Black skirt (I wore my vintage Escada skirt, but any black skirt works! Target has fab ones.)

3. Dark Hair (I didn’t go with a wig this time, but this one is perfect for a Zooey lookalike!)

4. Black Briefcase or Purse (mine is thrifted from Goodwill – this is something easily grabable from your accessory pile!)

5. Thick Framed Glasses (super Zooey-esque cheap frames from Amazon)

“I think it’s official. I’m in love with Summer.”

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Halloween Location Looks: Day 1 of 31 – Grease

Oct 2, 2014 | 12 Comments

My costume series kicks off today! One month of costume inspiration from our favorite movies and TV shows shot in front of the actual shooting locations! Get ready.

Today’s costume comes from:

Grease opening credits

GREASE (c/o Paramount Pictures “Grease”)

Grease’s “Rydell High” was actually the exterior of Venice High School.

New Dress A Day - Sandy from Grease

Venice High School

Still looks just like it did when the film was shot in 1978…

New Dress A Day - Grease - Venice High School

Rydell High / Venice High (top image c/o Paramount Pictures “Grease”)

I loved the transformation of Sandy(Olivia Newton-John) from poodle skirt to Candie’s heels, so we’re recreating her sultry side for the costume!

New Dress A Day - Sandy from Grease

Sandy’s Transformation (c/o Paramount Pictures “Grease”)

The key Sandy costume pieces that you’ll need include:

New Dress A Day - Grease - Venice High School

Costume Supplies!

1. Red Lipstick (I wore MAC Dangerous)

2. Mules (I wore my vintage Candie’s, but any slide on heels work!)

3. Wig (Starlet Wig c/o Party City)

4. Leotard (A spandex/nylon one works well) 

5. Leggings (shinier, leathery ones will be your best bet)

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Remake: Green Floral Muumuu

Oct 1, 2014 | 17 Comments

I really loved the print of this muumuu.

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu


The floral print at the bottom was my favorite part, so I started to think about ways to upcycle this into something wearable!

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

Flowy City!

While wearing the piece and looking at all the seams, I knew exactly how I was going to upcycle this!

 New Dress A Day - blue muumuu

Muumuu ballet

Time to get out the seam ripper!

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Remake: Green Floral Muumuu Teaser

Sep 29, 2014 | 3 Comments

I spent the weekend in Palm Springs with girlfriends, so I felt that this muumuu had to make the trip along with me. When in Palm Springs, you muumuu it, right?

New Dress A Day - blue muumuu


Check back later today to see the full remake, but here’s a little photo booth teaser :)

New Dress A Day - Ace Hotel

Palm Springs-ing!

My muumuu was a total hit and so were the other vintage flowy pieces I brought along with. The desert wardrobe is coming this week!

Natalie’s NDAD Creation

Sep 27, 2014 | 7 Comments

Natalie is my kind of girl. Let’s just discuss for a second…

  1. Refashioning is one of her favorite things to do. (Samesies!)
  2. One of her first project was making little pillows (Samesies!)
  3. Thinking outside the box and crafting something old into something new. (Samesies!)

When I saw her project I just knew we were destined to be refashioning pals. See what she created…

I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while now, and I’ve had a love for sewing since my mom taught me to make little pillows with a needle and thread. I’ve since upgraded to a machine, and refashioning thrift store clothing is one of my favorite hobbies. Is it because I’m cheap? Yes. Is it because I like thinking outside the box and recycling something old into something new? Yes.

I found this lovely denim-ish button down dress at a Goodwill in Festus for $2.25.

New Dress A Day - vintage denim jumper


My friend’s expression explains how we felt about it initially.

Best. Expression. Ever. See what Natalie did to this denim number…

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