Remake: Tropical Print Muumuu Part Two

Jul 6, 2014 | 5 Comments

You saw this fun jungle-printed muumuu a few weeks back…

New Dress A Day - upcycled vintage muumuu

Big and billowy!

…and I crafted it into this ruffled number, which I must say has been a favorite as of late!

New Dress A Day - upcycled vintage muumuuNew Dress A Day - upcycled vintage muumuu

Sleeve love!

There was all of this floral goodness leftover…

New Dress A Day - vintage - excess fabric

The excess fabric!

…and I finally got around to working it into something new to wear over the supa-dupa hot weekend.

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4th of July Tie Dye! (One shirt, two ways!)

Jul 3, 2014 | 5 Comments

I worked with Rit Dye on this project and my goal was to get an outfit ready to wear for this holiday weekend! I love July 4th and always need to have a patriotic outfit (as well as some nails) to help with the celebration!

Start with a basic cotton t-shirt (grab one from your collection!), a handful of rubber bands, and Scarlet and Royal Blue Rit Dye.

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye


Add both shades of dye into plastic bottles – this will make it easier to apply dye to the t-shirt in specific areas.

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Bottle them dyes!

Fold or twist the shirt to prep for tie dyeing! I went with a horizontal accordion fold that would give me a vertical stripe with the dyes. I folded, rubber banded sections, and started to apply the dye on each side of the rubber bands, alternating colors.

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Tie dyeing is on!!

Let the shirt soak and dry (I waited about 6 hours), remove the rubber bands, and unfold the shirt. Rinse the shirt under cold water until the dye runs clear. Toss the tee into the dryer until it’s fully dry.

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Dry and snip!

The shirt is complete! With some sleeve rolls, it was time to ring in the 4th á la Bruce Springsteen!!

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Bruuuuuuce! I totally feel like I’m in the “Dancing in the Streets” video

I couldn’t just stop there. (This step is totally optional. If you love the tee as is, stop once the shirt has been washed/dried.) I loved how the dye turned out, but I like to cut up my tees before actually wearing them. I removed the ribbed neck, the sleeves, and cut a four-inch slit at the center-bottom of the back of the shirt

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Trim time

New, refashioned shirt in just a few quick snippy steps!

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Tank time!

Here’s a close up of that knotted back…

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Knot in the back!

I’m ready to celebrate ‘Merica in my red, white, and blue!! Nothing like some tie dye to feel patriotic!

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye


Cue The Star Spangled Banner!!

Rit Dye - New Dress A Day - tie dye

Sleeve or no sleeve, that is the question.

Happy 4th of July, friends!!!

Copycat: Sequined Pocket Sandro Blouse

Jul 3, 2014 | 25 Comments

There was the coolest top that Ana Ortiz wore on Devious Maids that I became obsessed with…

Sandro Eldorado Top with sequin pocket - Ana Ortiz

Ana’s $320 Sandro top

…when I saw it online! Let’s be honest – I don’t watch the show,however I love me some Lifetime movies every once in a while. (Um, anytime A Friend to Die For, otherwise known as Death of a Cheerleader is on, I will literally drop everything to watch it. Old school Tori Spelling?? IN!!)

HelloGiggles - Tori Spelling

Watch yo back, Tori!

Plus, they’re doing the upcoming Unauthorized Saved By the Bell movie too! Lifetime is totally bringin’ it :) This top was something that could be remade super easy, so I got the crafty wheels turning on the road to Copycat City, USA!

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need for the shirt:

HG - Devious Maids Top - Sandro - Supplies


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Copycat: Anthropologie Pompom Sandals Hack

Jul 1, 2014 | 19 Comments

I showed you guys last week a pair of Anthropologie sandals that I was obsessed with:

New Dress A Day - Anthropologie Copycat - Hack

Anthropologie’s Cala Sandals

Inspired by these sandals, I wanted to make a version of my own! I loved the red color, so I snagged some raffia at Joann’s along with a pair of Old Navy sandals (this Old Navy pair could totally work as well) to get the project going!

New Dress A Day - Supplies - Anthropologie DIY - Cala Sandals


The key to matching the Anthropologie sandal is getting a pair with a strap down the center, so T-strap sandals would work wonders. But, any other strappy version would work as well as long as you’ve got spots to put down your raffia pompoms in whatever design you’d like.

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Adrienne’s NDAD Creation

Jun 28, 2014 | 6 Comments

Adrienne’s piece for today is one of my faves! She used one of my go-to methods for when a vintage dress is just a little too bold or the pattern is super overwhelming. You can simplify and make it rock with just one easy step. Check out Adrienne’s piece…

I have been reading your blog for some time now, after I discovered (and bought) the book! I have always been an aspiring DIYer, but didn’t really know how to get started. Your book and blog have given me a lot of inspiration and ideas, so when some friends and I decided to go out thrifting, I dared them to find me something awful so I could make it into something wearable. This dress is the one we all agreed on.

New Dress a Day - vintage dress


It was a silk faux wrap dress, and was about 5 sizes too large! I actually loved the fact that it was silk, and the pattern, though, a bit VIVID, was too much for me for a whole dress.

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