Earth Month: Lenny Mud

Apr 3, 2014 | 6 Comments

I’m the biggest tea drinker (shout out to green tea!) and immediately became obsessed with these pieces when I first saw them on etsy a few years back. Lenny Mud has the cutest sipwear and it’s all handmade…one of the main reasons behind my obsession. Other reason is the super smart and witty art.

I mean…

New Dress A Day - LennyMud - Earth Month

Mr. Tea mug

It’s really the coolest ever.

The handmade items come from a mix of earthenware and stoneware clays and are lead-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Woo!! Plus there’s a bit of upcycling (and wheel thrown like Patrick Swayze in Ghost) happening in the creation process.

New Dress A Day - LennyMud - Earth Month

Tea Rex

Makes me want tea right now just to use the mugs.

Lenny Mud
Price – $5+
Styles – mugs, tea pots, serving bowls, and soap dishes.

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Earth Month: Gloss48

Apr 2, 2014 | 4 Comments

April is here!

As Earth Day falls in this month and there are so many amazing handmade/eco-friendly/earth happy products out there, I thought that a fun daily “Earth Item of the Day” post would be a fantastic way to ring in the season! Earth Day should be everyday, however with more earth related events and worldwide attention being given this month, let’s hop on the electric-powered train and get celebrating!


New Dress A Day - Gloss48 - Earth Month


I just heard about this site and I’m totally into it. Gloss48 brings a well-curated stash of indie/beauty products to the table at discounted prices, just to promote experimentation without breaking the bank. There’s a constant rotation of sales – kind of like the daily deals from Gilt or One Kings Lane – and I love that the majority of the featured items are from brands that I’ve not heard about before. Nothing like “discovering” a new favorite product (or scent!!) that nobody else has.

I’m loving all the paraben-free, organic, and botanical ingredients that are found in so many of the products on the site. I have a few go-tos when it comes to beauty products, but I’m always looking for new face creams (anything to help my fair-skinned fine lines!!) and a killer mascara. New site to add to my procrastination list, check!
Price – $7+
Brands – Millefiore, slice, Lather, Josh Rosebrook, garden girl, Cecelia Wong, SewLomax, and mi-me.

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Remake: Brown Plaid Skirt

Mar 31, 2014 | 20 Comments

New post has finally arrived! I’m still abroad, but will be getting these posts up whenever/wherever my wi-fi access allows! Thank you SO much for your patience with me :)

I love vintage skirts – I tend to collect them. (Reminder to take a photo of my skirt rack in my closet, as it has gotten quite large as of late!) The plaid pattern on this one was just my speed…

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage skirt - beige plaid - thrift store shopping


…and the fact that there were pockets only made it more intriguing. Small issue…it was just a bit too large for me.

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage skirt - beige plaid - thrift store shopping

We’ve got some sizing issues…

Did I pass this one by?? Obviously not. That skirt rack is just waiting for this puppy to be added to it!

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Remake: Brown Plaid Skirt Teaser

Mar 29, 2014 | 5 Comments

Hello friends! Apologies for the lack of posting – the wi-fi has been a little dodgy while I’ve been in Bali…the mass bunch of post photos just don’t seem to be uploading together :) However, I’m heading to another part of the city tomorrow and will have better access. Keep your eyes peeled…

Until then, this is one of my fave first shots after arriving. How ’bout that for a coconut?? It’s almost as big as my noggin. (PS, for more up-to-date trip pics, head on over to Instagram/Twitter!)

New Dress A Day - BALI - Coconut - Potato Head

You put the lime in the coconut…

This piece will be hitting the blogosphere next…

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage skirt - beige plaid - thrift store shopping


Love me some plaid skirts!

Thanks for your patience and happy weekend!! xx Marisa

Vanessa’s NDAD Creation

Mar 25, 2014 | 14 Comments

Hey friends! I’m going to be posting a little more sporadically and at some weird times over the next handful of days because I’m heading on a trip to Bali! Trying to have my own little Eat Pray Love adventure, if you will! Not heading to Italy for pasta, but I will be getting my fill of banana pancakes while in Indonesia. Make sure to follow Instagram/Twitter for real-time photos, however all my fun DIYs planned for while I’m away, because you know I’m going to be crafting beachside, will get posted once I’m back. Teaser pics will be on IG! (PS, and anyone with fun recommendations for Bali or Bangkok (because I’m definitely hitting Chatuchak Market while in Asia), keep me posted! I have some fun spots planned, but would love to hear any must sees!)

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - floral print - thrift store shopping

My very colorful carry on!

Today’s piece is a super fantastic one, submitted by Vanessa. I need to make this for myself immediately!! Check it out…

The shirt was a hand me down (and 2 sizes too big) and the skirt I picked up at a garage sale because I liked the print. After trying on the skirt I realized it just wouldn’t work the way it was. There was too much fabric for my frame (read: it made my butt look big).

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - floral print - thrift store shopping


I had the blue dress in my closet and I liked the way it fit so…

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