Remake: Metallic Dress Teaser // En Route to NYC!

Dec 8, 2015 | No Comments

Hey friends! I’m writing this from the Delta terminal at LAX getting ready to head to NY for something super exciting.


New Dress A Day - Metallic Dress


…how meta is this :)

Anyway, my quick trip to the East Coast just might have me watchable on your television at some point between 7-9am Wednesday morning, on a channel run by a mouse. 🐭 I get the official “ok to share” later today and will send out a blog blast.

But, I found this fabulous dress at a neighbor’s estate sale and I just couldn’t resist! She sold it to me for $10 and I happily accepted the offer. (Also, it might look super fun on camera so you guys get the sneak peek!)

New Dress A Day - Metallic Dress


The gown is super thick with a gorgeous rhinestoned neck which, to be honest, was nailing it on the choking factor. Breathing was a tad bit difficult when the piece was completely zipped up.

New Dress A Day - Metallic Dress

That neck tho…

But the colors and textured design had me immediately wanting to make this my own.

New Dress A Day - Metallic Dress

Doin’ the robot!

I brought the thread and needle with me, so there’s probably going to be some sewing going on. And being that I’m stuck in the middle of the row, I hope my aisle and window neighbors don’t mind a sleeve or two flopping about.

Remake: Pink Striped Dress

Dec 3, 2015 | 5 Comments

Hello friends! I’ve got another remake for you today :) Apologies for the delays – a bigger post is to come to discuss, but thanks for all your emails and patience! There’s a brand new site coming your way as well, with a fun little project to boot, all which will be shared shortly!

LA can be 80 degrees one day and 62 another – this dress was worn on one of those warm wintery days here! ❄️☀️

I just loved this striped mix of colors!

New Dress A Day - Vintage Pink Dress

Needs a little bit of work…

It was a bit too big…

New Dress A Day - Vintage Pink Dress


…but those pleats made me SO happy!

New Dress A Day - Vintage Pink Dress


I knew there was room to make this outfit work!

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Remake: Sample Sale Workout Capris

Oct 3, 2015 | 37 Comments

I’ve been on a workout kick for the past four months – I signed up for Classpass (anyone else a member??) and have been taking all kinds of classes from spin and yoga to TWERKING!! Seriously, there’s a class for that (I went with a girlfriend of mine and it was a blast) and I am now ready to take Miley Cyrus on :)

I needed some new workout gear, so I went to a Beyond Yoga sample sale to see what I could snag. I grabbed a pair of leggings for $20 then hit the “damaged” area where each item was $2. HELLO GOLDMINE! I love to score pieces from here, because they’re usually mildly damaged – nothing that a little elbow grease can’t tweak.

Score #1, a fab pair of capris.

New Dress A Day - DIY tie dye workout capris

Yeah, I can’t wear these!

One small issue…there’s a HOLE on the front and back leg!

New Dress A Day - DIY tie dye workout capris

Hello hole!

Now that’s not something that a little stitching can fix…

New Dress A Day - DIY tie dye workout capris

It’s on the back too!

But when a set of pants retail for around $90 (yes, seriously), I go into “make it work” mode to really make them work.

New Dress A Day - DIY tie dye workout capris

Hello $90 price tag!

I mean I guess I could get away with going like this…

New Dress A Day - DIY tie dye workout capris

Time to work out these capris!

You know, it would be a new fashion statement! OK, wanna see what I did?

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Flea Market Find: Glitter Golden Girls Dress

Sep 28, 2015 | 7 Comments

I came across a total winner this weekend in my shopping excursions. Let’s say that this one is something that Blanche Devereux would most definitely wear. And for $1, I couldn’t resist. I will become a Golden Girl. :)

New Dress A Day - vintage glitter dress

Sparkle City USA

Thoughts, friends?

Also, the glittery bits all over the dress are actual glued clumps of glitter! So one must be careful with the taking on and off of this dress because those clumps of glitter hurt when rubbed against one’s body. Let’s just say I have a few scratches thanks so these shimmery pals.

But, I’ve got some plans for this before I wear it Saturday night!

Remake: Pink Striped 90s Maternity Dress

Sep 20, 2015 | 8 Comments

I’ve got four words for you. This. Dress. You. Guys.

New Dress A Day - 90s Striped Maternity Dress

What about these stripes?

Loved the pink and white striping, but just wasn’t as into the shape or style.

New Dress A Day - 90s Striped Maternity Dress

Shimmy shimmy!

It was straight 90s, yo! It was also a maternity dress, once I looked at the label. I thought a little tweaking could come to fruition to make this the perfect dress to wear during the September heat wave of Los Angeles.

New Dress A Day - 90s Striped Maternity Dress


I mean it’s just waiting for some TLC. TLC, I’m a-coming for you!

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