Weekend Teaser!

Nov 6, 2014 | 4 Comments

Hi friends!! I’ve been traveling this week so I’m a bit behind on posting, but I wanted to give you a teaser on what to look forward to over the next few days.

This mustard yellow dress is a total delight. The skirt is thick and quilty, the color is perfect for this time of year, but it needs a bit of help.


New Dress A Day - vintage mustard yellow dress

Perfect to add to my hot dog!

Hey collar, haaaaaaaaaay!! Plus lime green to boot!! Can’t wait to show you the after look of this guy.

New Dress A Day - vintage lime green dress

That’s a collar!

Love this light blue muumuu. The neck ties make for a perfect hair accent!

 New Dress A Day - vintage blue muumuu

Multi-purpose muumuu

I feel like Cinderella with our matching blue hair sashes :)

Cinderella - Hair

Matching hair sash!

Three fun outfits with three even more fun after looks to come… Would any of these make it into your Goodwill basket??

DIY Gumball Costume

Nov 3, 2014 | 17 Comments

Halloween is over, but here’s a rundown of what I actually wore on the big night! Can’t wait to hear what you dressed up like this year!

I worked with RIT Dye on this year’s costume, so I started with a white cotton dress as the base and then played around with dye to really give off a gumball machine feel!

DIY Gumball Costume


Start a dye bath for your garment next. I used a washing machine, but a stove top works as well. Fill your machine with hot water (run it on a whites wash) or boil the water on your stove top. Add your chosen dye (I went with Cherry Red) to your dye bath…

DIY Gumball Costume

Red dye!!

…wet your garment completely in water, and then add your piece to the bath.

DIY Gumball Costume

You spin me right round, baby!

After the wash is complete (or after you’ve let the garment marinate on the stove top) toss it into the dryer to dry completely before adding your pompoms!

DIY Gumball Costume


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Halloween Location Looks: 31 of 31 – Clueless

Oct 31, 2014 | 8 Comments

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! The final look is here and it comes from a movie that made me want to move to LA.

Today’s costume comes from:

Clueless poster

Clueless (c/o Paramount’s “Clueless”)

I love this movie. I quote this movie rather often, so when I decided that I was going to do a month of DIY movie/TV show costumes and shoot them in front of their actual filming locations, Clueless was #1 on my list. I have needed to see Circus Liquor in real life!

Circus Liquor

Circus Liquor, IRL!!

Elton drops her off in the liquor store parking lot because she’s not into him like he is…

Clueless - Alicia Silverstone

Really Elton? (c/o Paramount’s “Clueless”)

…and she’s not into the Cranberries like he is either!

Clueless - Alicia Silverstone

Elton drove away with his cranberries… (c/o Paramount’s “Clueless”)

To create her outfit, you can easily make the jacket using a red and black feather boa and a red blazer. I found mine at Goodwill for $3! I cut the boa to fit around the cuffs of the jacket as well as the collar and hot glued it in place.

Clueless red feathered jacket - DIY

Look like Cher!

Then, all you need is a red dress and you’re transformed into Cher Horowitz!!

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Halloween Location Looks: 30 of 31 – The Big Lebowski

Oct 31, 2014 | 3 Comments

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 30 is here and it’s on my list as one of my favorite Coen Brothers movies.

Today’s costume comes from:

Big Lebowski - title card

The Big Lebowski (c/o Polygram’s “The Big Lebowski”)

There is nothing cooler than Jeff Bridges as The Dude.

Big Lebowski - The Dude

Hey, Ralphs! (c/o Polygram’s “The Big Lebowski”)

This opening scene is the best – he’s in a Ralphs grocery store, wearing his iconic robe, drinking some milk. Like you do…

Big Lebowski - The Dude Costume DIY

Stocked dairy section

I had to hit up a local Ralphs to recreate this fun scene.

The things you’ll need for the perfect dude costume are…

Big Lebowski - The Dude Costume DIY

The Dude Costume Elements

1. Robe (mine is from Overstock.com, but anything in the brown family works like a charm!)

2. Beard (this one is c/o Party City)

3. Sandals (I used a freebie pair I got on a flight, but love these $15 Okabashi sandals!)

4. Sunglasses (I’m wearing my prescription ones, but these work as a cheap option!)

Let’s go to Ralphs!

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Halloween Location Looks: 29 of 31 – Pretty Woman

Oct 31, 2014 | 5 Comments

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Look 29 is here and it comes from one of my go-to, rom com, Julia Roberts favorites.

Today’s costume comes from:

Pretty Woman poster

Pretty Woman (c/o Touchstone’s “Pretty Woman”)

This movie always makes me happy. It always makes me want to take baths.

Pretty Woman -Julia Roberts blue and white dress

All I want is your…..kiss! (c/o Touchstone’s “Pretty Woman”)

Rodeo Drive and the Regent Beverly Wilshire both play crucial roles in the film!

Pretty Woman -Julia Roberts blue and white dress

Viv & Kit (c/o Touchstone’s “Pretty Woman”)

I mean “Reg. Bev. Wil” anyone??

Pretty Woman - Reg Bev Wil

Regent Beverly Wilshire aka Reg Bev Wil

It’s right in my backyard, so a quick jaunt to Rodeo was totally going to happen.

I DIY’ed my dress from the film using a tank top, turquoise spandex fabric, and a shower curtain ring!

Pretty Woman -Julia Roberts blue and white dress

Let’s dress like Pretty Woman!!

1. Tank (Hanes are my fave!)

2. Fabric (I grabbed a 1/2 yard at Joanns)

3. Shower ring (I borrowed one from my shower – you can also snag them here!)

4. Blonde wig (this one is c/o Party City)

5. Black boots (Mine are thrifted but you can score a budge-friendly pair on Amazon)

Let’s head to Beverly Hills!!!

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