Heathyr’s NDAD Creation

Aug 30, 2014 | 13 Comments
Heathyr sent me an amazing remake that I couldn’t wait to share! Her style is right up my alley and the easy tweak she made to her vintage dress will make you want to do the same thing! Check out what she did…
Hi Marisa! I bought this $10 dress for a 40’s party. I’m not a huge fan of red, but it works and it kind of reminded me of the dress from PS I Love You. Plus, it has pockets! Nothing like pockets!
New Dress A Day - Vintage 40s Dress


I wore this dress to the party, but knew I would never wear it again as is.

What will Heathyr turn this into???

Labor Day Whites!

Aug 29, 2014 | 29 Comments

You guys…I have a BIG question to pose. Whites after Labor Day – yay or nay?!

This dress has some severe spot action.

New Dress A Day - vintage white dress

SPOT PARTY!!!!!!!!

All those spots will be tackled, but what are your thoughts on the color?

New Dress A Day - vintage white dress

Spots errrwhere!

Do we break the Labor Day rules or do we go with a new shade of color?? Let me know your thoughts below! Happy Labor Day weekend!

Remake: Chevron Sequin Prom Dress Pt. II

Aug 27, 2014 | 12 Comments

I was in love with this sequined dress…

New Dress A Day - 80s Sequin Prom Dress

What about prom, Blaine?

…that I turned into this…

New Dress A Day - 80s sequined dress


…but there were SO many sequins left over! I just couldn’t let them go to waste.

I grabbed one of the sleeves…

New Dress A Day - 80s prom dress

Hello, sleeve.

…and got to work!

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Remake: Pleated Floral Polyester Dress

Aug 26, 2014 | 13 Comments

So, I scored this fab polyester dress a few months back and finally decided it was time to get to work!

New Dress A Day - Vintage Dress

Polyester dream!

There was a fun sash going on ’round the neck…

New Dress A Day - Vintage Dress


…as well as some big n’baggy sleeves.

New Dress A Day - Vintage Dress


How shall I SUMMERize this dress?

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Crazy Weekend Site Activity!!!

Aug 24, 2014 | 5 Comments

You guys, I’m SO sorry for all the site issues all weekend. Thank you for all of the emails and shout outs on Facebook/Instagram – it seems like everything is back up and rolling!

That makes me feel like this on the outside…

New Dress A Day - Ron Swanson Gif

Ron Swanson!!!

…and this on the inside!!!

New Dress A Day - Kristen Wiig Gif

I’m so excited!!!

Full week of posts to come and giveaways (and winners!!) to share. You guys are the best!! xo

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