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Content is the #1.  I love creating things and coming up with projects that are organic to me and my personal tastes. I won’t just work on sponsored posts for brands that don’t naturally fit within New Dress A Day.  New Dress A Day receives inquiries for sponsored posts and advertising, but I only work with the brands that I truly love and those who I would write about without being paid.

Disclosure Policy:  If a post is sponsored, there’s always a note made within the post. I’ll always tag these as “sponsored.”

Affiliate Links:  New Dress A Day is a part of several affiliate programs.  What this means is that if you click on an affiliate link to a major retailer and make a purchase, I will receive a (small) percentage of sales. I’m all about the content here and whatever item is best suited for a project, that’s what will be used regardless of affiliates. I don’t play favorites :)