Susan’s NDAD Creation

May 30, 2014 | 8 Comments

Reader Susan is the best! She crafted something totally summer-perfect that is quite easy to make using all of those tank tops that accumulate in your closet. When my nice tanks get spotted or spilled on (I’m always spilling something…), they get put into my “gym pile” to wear when I work out. Here’s another genius way to recycle them. Cut off the bottom portion of it and craft that tank into one of these…

I love your blog and love your daily inspiration and wanted to let you know. Thanks for keeping it up! I started noticing the new trend in stores of skirts attached to tanks, which if strategically placed, will cover the erhmmm excess in the middle :) JOY AND YAY!  So I went to goodwill and found a few pieces that I liked for the fabric.

The dress that I found is perfectly OK, but nothing I would even consider wearing on a daily casual basis, which is how I like my dresses. 

New Dress A Day - vintage dress


See how Susan turns this into her perfect, casual dress!

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Jo’s NDAD Creation

May 25, 2014 | 14 Comments

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends!! This piece that Jo created is a total hit. It shows that sometimes when things don’t turn out or fit the way you’d like them to, you can always make it work taking a different route. Check her piece out!

I love to refashion clothes and came across this top at a second-hand store. It was probably less than 8 UAH (which is $1 USD) and I honestly thought that it would be okay as a top.

New Dress A Day - Vintage Dress


Once at home and realizing that it was hideous I started to play around with it and…

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Erika’s NDAD Creation

May 18, 2014 | 56 Comments

Wedding season has begun and the engagement parties, showers, bachelorette weekends, and the actual wedding days have found places on my summer calendar!  I was at a bridal shower today fête-ing the bride-to-be with tea…

New Dress A Day - Chado Tea Room

There’s a kitty on top!

and scones…

New Dress A Day - Chado Tea Room

Pinkies out!

…so I thought this ridiculously fabulous piece that Erika submitted was perfect to feature. I think you’ll agree that this is one for the upcycled wedding books!

I had a wedding to plan, but our budget wasn’t very big. Also after watching too many “Say Yes to the Dress” marathons, I decided that going to a bridal salon was not for me. I heard about and scoped out the site and found quite a few wedding dress options. I scoured the site for dresses that I liked the “bones” of and ones that were about the right size.

The empire waist, neckline and lace appliques on this dress caught my eye and when the measurements seemed to be right, I bid and won it for the bargain basement price of 9.99! (It cost more to ship it!) 

New Dress A Day - Vintage Wedding Dress


When it arrived, I immediately tried it on and lo and behold it fit! It had some movement restriction in the arms – I couldn’t lift them above my shoulders – but why do I need to lift things up on that day anyway, right?? :) Other than that it was quite comfortable. 

New Dress A Day - Vintage Wedding Dress

The train!

After I had it cleaned, I went about permanently affixing the glued-on appliques by hand-sewing the loosest. Also there were two small holes in the train that I had to cover. I took appliques from the sleeve/cuff and affixed them over the holes – you can’t even tell unless you look very closely. 

What else will Erika do to make this the dress of her dreams??

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Remake: Brown Bib Dress

May 6, 2014 | 30 Comments

I gave you guys a little teaser of this dress last week.

New Dress A Day - DIY - thrift store shopping - vintage brown dress

Bib City!

Big time bib action on this one!!

New Dress A Day - DIY - thrift store shopping - vintage brown dress

Bib all around!

Plus some shoulder pads that were large enough to be pillows on my couch!! OK, slight exaggeration…

New Dress A Day - DIY - thrift store shopping - vintage brown dress

Nap time on that shoulder pad!

This one is all about paring down. Time to get crackin’!

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Bekah’s NDAD Creation

May 3, 2014 | 8 Comments

Bekah’s remake story is pretty awesome – she took something that she really, really wanted and DIY’d it! I love when this happens. Check out her project!

I love love love your blog! I get your daily emails and really enjoy seeing the things you come up with! I have been really wanting one of the jersey skirts that are so popular but due to my *ahem* “hips” being “wider” I tend to not be able to find one that fits well. SO, I went to Old Navy and bought a wrap dress on clearance for $7.00.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Old Navy dress - wrap skirt


This isn’t the exact dress, but looks just like the black one that I bought.

Can’t wait to see the after look!

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