Eliza’s NDAD Creation

Apr 12, 2014 | 24 Comments

Eliza submitted something fabulous my way and it’s a dress that she got for free! I love remakes that come from situations like this. One person’s throwaway is another person’s brand new, gorgeous dress!  The color is so fantastic too! Check out what she did…

I worked as an RA my junior year of college and one of the other RA’s in my building was given a bunch of bridesmaid dresses by a student’s mother. After they floated around her hall for a while she asked me if I wanted any of them.

New Dress A Day - DIY - how to sew a dress - vintage theater costume - sundress


My mom taught me to sew when I was ten-ish and now I make a lot of my skirts and dresses, but had yet to refashion anything. This dress was free and so I decided to go for it. 

New Dress A Day - DIY - how to sew a dress - vintage theater costume - sundress

What to do??

See how Eliza’s new dress turned out…

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Michael’s NDAD Creation

Apr 6, 2014 | 29 Comments

When I saw this piece from Michael come in, I was in love with it. He went with a vintage pattern to get his sew on and it’s making me want to make a version of my own. Check out what he did…

I’m disappointed in the selection of clothing for my daughter so I figured, I’m an ironworker and I can build darn near anything, why not sew? I used to watch my mother and grandmother sew, so how hard could it be? I first tried to create a blind hem, as I’m very good at three-dimensional thinking, however fabric is a whole new world and the sewing machine mocked me. I tried another time and then I purchased a pattern - this vintage Du Barry, at the flea market.

New Dress A Day - DIY - how to sew a dress - vintage pattern - DuBarry

Vintage pattern love!


What will Michael’s finished product turn out looking like??

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Vanessa’s NDAD Creation

Mar 25, 2014 | 14 Comments

Hey friends! I’m going to be posting a little more sporadically and at some weird times over the next handful of days because I’m heading on a trip to Bali! Trying to have my own little Eat Pray Love adventure, if you will! Not heading to Italy for pasta, but I will be getting my fill of banana pancakes while in Indonesia. Make sure to follow Instagram/Twitter for real-time photos, however all my fun DIYs planned for while I’m away, because you know I’m going to be crafting beachside, will get posted once I’m back. Teaser pics will be on IG! (PS, and anyone with fun recommendations for Bali or Bangkok (because I’m definitely hitting Chatuchak Market while in Asia), keep me posted! I have some fun spots planned, but would love to hear any must sees!)

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - floral print - thrift store shopping

My very colorful carry on!

Today’s piece is a super fantastic one, submitted by Vanessa. I need to make this for myself immediately!! Check it out…

The shirt was a hand me down (and 2 sizes too big) and the skirt I picked up at a garage sale because I liked the print. After trying on the skirt I realized it just wouldn’t work the way it was. There was too much fabric for my frame (read: it made my butt look big).

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - floral print - thrift store shopping


I had the blue dress in my closet and I liked the way it fit so…

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Jennifer’s NDAD Creation: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Mar 17, 2014 | 4 Comments

Reader Jennifer sent some amazing pictures my way today to show how she and her lovely daughter were celebrating the holiday using last week’s four leaf clover shoe clip DIY as inspiration!

DIY - New Dress A Day - Shamrock Shoe Clips

Ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

This is literally the cutest thing ever!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I love your page and have been following you for years!  Love it!!  I create and sew almost daily myself but this is my first time sharing!  I used your shamrock heart inspiration…

New Dress A Day - DIY - Shamrock Hair Clips

Clover clips!!

…to make my daughter a festive hair accessory today! 

See what else Jennifer made for her adorable daughter…

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Amber’s NDAD Creation

Mar 15, 2014 | 9 Comments

My girl Amber submitted a piece a while back (refresher HERE!) and I have to say that I’m obsessed with what she does. Her before looks are totally on par with mine as well, which cracks me up! I love the “let’s give sour face when we’re wearing something not so pleasant” move. It’s my go-to when I’m shooting the before looks – I live for the sour face and she totally nails it. Also, her recreations have been über chic. See what she’s up to today!!

My roommate was cleaning out her closet and was tossing this shirt, so I got it for free! Obviously it doesn’t fit my bust region, so I’m going to turn it into a skirt!

New Dress A Day - DIY - thrift store shopping - upcycled shirt


Let’s turn this puppy into a truck, y’all!

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