Crystal’s NDAD Donation: Chevron Sequin Prom Dress

Aug 20, 2014 | 24 Comments

I received this amazing dress from reader Crystal, and I have been waiting for just the right time/place to wear it. I finally had the perfect spot – a trip to the Magic Castle, where there’s a dress code of jackets for gents and no jeans, sandals, or casual gear. When I see that I think, cocktail attire!! And when I think cocktail attire, I think sequins!

I bought this at Savers to wear to a wedding because the wedding was themed “crazy prom dresses”. I thought I could lose the weight to wear it to the wedding, but no luck. I figured that you could have fun with it! Thanks, Crystal

New Dress A Day - 80s Sequin Prom Dress

Dreamy pouffy sleeves of sequins!

There were big, pouffy sleeves in this fabulous sequined chevron print.

New Dress A Day - 80s Sequin Prom Dress

What about prom, Blaine?

Long skirt, check! A tulle crinoline underneath, check!

New Dress A Day - 80s Sequin Prom Dress


I was SUPER excited to get working on this!!

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Crystal’s NDAD Donation: Chevron Sequin Prom Dress

Aug 19, 2014 | 10 Comments

I got this fantastically sparkled dress sent my way by reader Crystal…

New Dress A Day - 80s Sequin Prom Dress

Dreamy pouffy sleeves of sequins!

…and I finally turned it into some amazing to wear to LA’s Magic Castle. Yep, when a night of magic is on the agenda, you MUST wear sequins.

How would you make this work?? Full post coming later today!!

Ninutschka’s NDAD Creation

Aug 18, 2014 | 18 Comments

My girl Ninutschka in Germany submitted the cutest remake! The pattern is so fun and she totally worked it into something that suits her. It started off a bit frumpy, but check out her upcycling magic…

Some weeks ago I discovered your blog and was so impressed by all your great ideas. I am a vintage-lover too, and often customize my clothes. I found this simple, green printed dress at a flea market. The pattern is quite fun but the fabric is super full, so I wanted to create something else out of it.

New Dress A Day - vintage outdated dress

Ninutschka – Before

The dress was at least two sizes too big and this was especially apparent in the chest area. It is hand-sewn and I knew that I could work with the existing seams to make adjustments.

Check out the after look on Ninutschka (and her FAB shoes)…

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Wedding Weekend Rundown!

Aug 15, 2014 | 11 Comments

So that wedding that I went to last weekend…

New Dress A Day - wedding picture

Most favorite group of pals, ever!!

…was filled with all of my most favorite friends from college. We make quite the colorful group!!

The gorgeous bride and groom, J & S…

New Dress A Day - wedding

Happy Couple!!!

…had the most magical day.

From the amazing snacks that were keeping us far from “hangry” during the ceremony…

New Dress A Day - wedding picture

Nobody wants you to be hangry….

…to the parasols that we all got to use to keep the sun from beating down on us! (Not to mention, they made the PERFECT photo props!!)

New Dress A Day - wedding photo booth

N, M & T!!

One of the coolest elements was the surfboard that was used to list all of our table numbers on it. The groom surfs, so this was such a cool tie in!

New Dress A Day - wedding surfboard

The coolest. Ever.

I scored my dress at a sample sale ($20, say what?!?)…

New Dress A Day - wedding surfboard

Loving this streamer background!!

…but before I could wear it, I had to make a minor tweak. The waist was a little big, so I DIY’ed the easiest belt ever. Here’s the easy trick.

1. Find a vintage brooch.

2. Find a piece of matching ribbon.

3. Pin the brooch to the ribbon.

4. Put on belt.

5. Done!!!

New Dress A Day - belt DIY

The easiest DIY ever!!

The watercolor table cards were stunning (the bride’s father made them all!!) but the best part was that the menu card was crayon-checkable to pick the tacos of our choosing! LA’s Border Grill catered…

New Dress A Day - Wedding Placecard

Taco Menu!!

…and the tacos (and Coronas) were perfection on this warm summer night!!

New Dress A Day - wedding picture

Coronas, tacos, and flowers!!

The bride made the rounds in her SICK dress that I was obsessed with…

New Dress A Day - wedding photo booth

The prettiest bride!!

…and I even found someone in a matching animal print. We became BFFs by the end of the night. Stefanie is really the coolest lady ever!

New Dress A Day - Wedding Placecard

Photo bombed by the lovely Stefanie!

So when the cake was cut and passed around, it was super dark. I mean SUPER dark. We were dancing and I took a bite break from the dance floor and my bite tasted kind of floraly. Yep, it’s because my bite had this big flower on top of it. I went to the cake table afterwards and took this picture. I literally ate that flower on top. Geez, Maris.

New Dress A Day - wedding cake

That flower tasted delish.

Because the new couple’s last name is Fox, there were lots of fox masks around for photo ops. Ron and I couldn’t resist…

New Dress A Day - wedding surfboard

Our “Wes Anderson” shot

(Pretty floral display, right?)

New Dress A Day - heart of flowers

I heart this floral arrangement!!

I was taking my own fox shot when…

New Dress A Day - wedding picture

Celebrating the Fox’s in a fox mask.

…I got photobombed by the bride!! Best kind of photobomb.

New Dress A Day - wedding

Me & Mrs. Fox

I got in the photo booth with N and some pairs of big sunnies, because when there are big sunnies, you wear them!

New Dress A Day - wedding photo booth

Photo booth times!!!

You are my favorite, too!! (Loved this banner!)

New Dress A Day - bride & groom's table

You are MY favorite!

By the end of the night, our feet hurt in the best way possible – from all the dancing. I mean at the end of the night, while you’re waiting at valet, the best idea ever is to have a maple donut from King’s. I just say that I gipped from my cake bite, so I had to compensate with a donut.

New Dress A Day - wedding photo booth

End of the night donut…

I think that my favorite pick from the evening was this one…

New Dress A Day - Me & Angelina Jolie


When you’ve got a slit, you use it. Just couldn’t resist giving my best Angelina…


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Weekend Wedding Preview!

Aug 13, 2014 | 2 Comments

One of my most favorite pals got married over the weekend (hence some slight weekend post delays…) and I can’t wait to show you photos along with an easy DIY I crafted for my dress that took less than a minute.

New Dress A Day - wedding

Me & Mrs. Fox

There are so many fun pics to share and lots of fox masks to wear.*

*I’m a rhymin’ fool, yo.

Stay tuned…

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