Day 19. 346 days and $345 left to go.

Today I wanted to feel like I was on vacation - sandy beaches, pretty sunsets, frozen beverages, the whole nine. I mean, I was down in San Diego (working) and kind of close to the beach, however I was definitely far from a holiday excursion :) So I thought that a floral motif was necessary to assist in my vacation dreams. Day 19 - Before

This definitely had a floral motif, wouldn't you say? Now a floral motif on a muumuu doesn't scream vacation, however, a floral motif on a cute, short dress that is slightly snug with a belt made from the leftover material chopped off the bottom says, "beer me garçon"!

I woke up from a glorious slumber in complete vacation mode. I threw on my dress and got to work.

Day 19 - After (10 AM, a full work day on the horizon, legitimately smiling)

I mean I didn't get peeved when the hotel's wake-up call was never made to my room and I was actually enjoying the sounds from the street (ie. horns and expletive-throwing cabbies) when I usually want to scream. By the end of the day, I was still wearing sunglasses...

Day 19 - After (Sunglasses at Night, So I Can, So I Can)

Thank you for today, vacation dress. I'm sure I'll be cursing traffic tomorrow.