Day 9. 356 days and $356 left to go.

On one of my garage sale stops I came across this "Campus Casuals of California" blouse. Trés 1984. When I saw this top, I immediately thought it could be something found in stores now. I have a royal blue version (ruffles, uncomfortable crepe material) that I got at H&M last year and it's one of my favorites. Not as comfy as it looks, but we all pay a price for fashion, right? Day 9 - Before

There were a batch of boxes in somebody's driveway full of mostly men's clothing which I almost walked by but then, from the corner of my eye I saw it. A little glimpse of mauve peeking its way through Fubu sweatshirts and Old Navy carpenter jeans. (PS, I did not grab those my friends - I don't even think I can even make carpenter jeans work!!) There it little diamond in the rough. Now, there were a few buttons missing - of course one happened to be set right between the boobs and the other was on one of the sleeves - and a slight tear on the seam in the armpit area.

Day 9 - After

A quick hand mending of the tear made it virtually impossible to see that it ever existed and a simple safety pin was used in lieu of the boob button. I didn't even replace the one missing from the sleeve. Totes obsessed with how easy it was to tweak and make right!