Day 8. 357 days and $357 left to go.

I was feeling a little bit of color today, perhaps the glow sticks that made their way out at some cocktailing with friends last night assisted in this feeling (I know...glow sticks. And we weren't even at a rave.) Whatever the actual reason, neon green was the choice of the day. Day 8 - After

When I found this puppy I think that I actually put it back because of the amalgamation of colors from the middle of the ROYGBIV spectrum. I don't think I own anything in these shades of green. I mean, I tend to have difficulty dressing for St. Patrick's Day. But, I decided to go with it because the pattern was big, fun and paisley.

Day 8 - After

I chopped half of it off to make it knee-length and then took it in around the elastic waist to fit me. I'm liking the wearing of elasticized pieces that aren't solely my yoga pants - the comf factor is through the roof! After some adjusting, pairing it with a white tank (I wore my Alternative burn out one, but any basic Hanes one will do), and a cardigan the skirt was ready to go and I was out the door. Perfect Friday outfit!