Day 7. 358 days and $358 left to go.

OK, so I found this slightly grotesque get up sifting through oodles and oodles of vintage gear a few weeks ago. Now it was big, baggy, and to be quite honest, a little bit icky, but the embroidery and the peachy-orange hue was bold enough to take a chance, take a chance. I saw the potential and for $1 it was a no-brainer. Day 7- Before

First thing I did was get rid of the length. That was definitely not happening. What also was not happening was the large sleeves and pretty much the entire top of the dress. My sewing machine earned its stripes getting this piece into wearable mode. I paired it with my favorite vintage belt from the 60s (thanks to my dad who actually owned it back then) and some boots in chestnut-brown.

Day 7 - After

Even though I was stoked with how this came out, I also got called Janet from Three's Company. Now I was slightly horrified at first, because Joyce DeWitt was totally the homely one who was not Suzanne Somers, but then I was also described as Margaret Thatcher, so Janet ended up not looking all that bad in the end. Next time I'm rocking the pigtails. Come and knock on my door!