Day 6. 359 days and $359 left to go.

I'm approaching the end of the first week, so you can imagine that I'm a smidge was a sell out day and I'm sure this won't be the last. Los Angeles had a lovely chill in the air this morning that assisted in my decision as well as the fact that I just could not get out of bed. I mean a mix of being chilly and glued to Tiger Woods voicemail coverage will do it to a girl. Day 6 - Before

I found this sweater a little while ago in a big pile of used stuff for a buck and had a love/hate relationship with it. I liked it at first, then was over it, and then thought it ruled again, and then tossed it into my Goodwill pile to donate. Somehow it made its way from the TBD, as in "to be discarded" pile, to the "woo hoo, let's wear this stuff" assemblage.

So, in my lack of motivation Wednesday morning, the light bulb went off and I immediately went to my New Mexico-slash-former tapestry on the wall-slash-belt loops without belt-slash-channeling my inner Navajo sweater which couldn't have been a better choice for the day.

Day 6 - After

It didn't need any love this morning, however I may have to rewear this piece with an actual belt (I put my hands on top of the loops to hide them), some jewelry, and a pair of boots to completely own the Southwest vibe. Perhaps on a day with more Gosselin family coverage...see, the mere sight of Jon's heinous Ed Hardy ensembles would kickstart my AM, that's for sure.