Day 5. 360 days and $360 left to go.

OK, are you ready for this?? We're gonna bring Muumuu's back to life! That's right, you heard me correctly. See, Homer Simpson wore one in the "King Size Homer" ep when he tried to reach his 300 lb goal, but we're going to make the muumuu chic no matter what size you are. King Size Homer

(PS, little side note...Homer was totally right. They're awesome for hiding those extra lb's especially during this post-Thanksgiving week we're in.)

Day 5 - Before

As you can see, this muumuu I found was too big, too long and just too blech. But, the floral pattern, cute tie detail, and one dollar price tag made all the blech-ness worth a little bit of elbow grease.

Day 5 - After

I decided to cut the puppy up and turn it into a mini. I took it in on the sides a bit to make it a little more fitted, but still allowed for some room to move...and by move I mean have a dance party. Plus I'm left with lots of fabric that got cut off from below the knees with those killer flowers on it. Fear not, that will get tweaked into something spectacular. Perhaps it will be a little holiday gift.

Woo hoo for the reconstructed muumuu!!