Copycat: Tarina Tarantino Floral Sunglasses

May 14, 2014 | 23 Comments

I first became obsessed with today’s DIY after seeing them being worn by Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project. (For those The Mindy Project-obsessed, you can head over here to HelloGiggles to read the post with the full TV tie in!) I love sunglasses and have more (cheap) pairs in my collection than I should, however my track record with keeping them from getting scratched/falling off my head and cracking/stretching them out from wearing them on my head all day long is equivalent to me batting a .100. Pretty not-so-hot. So, I felt that there’s always room for one more pair!

Mindy rocked out these Tarina Tarantino shades

Hello Giggles - DIY - The Mindy Project - Mindy Lahiri Skirt and Sunglasses

Hey, girl, haaaayyy! (c/o @mindykaling on Instagram)

…and I fell in love.

Hello Giggles - DIY - The Mindy Project - Mindy Lahiri Sunglasses

Tarina Tarantino Sunglasses

Super blingy, super floral, super DIY candidate!

Here’s a rundown of the supplies needed for the sunglasses:

Hello Giggles - DIY - The Mindy Project - Mindy Lahiri Sunglasses


1. Black Sunglasses – (these are flea market finds, but Wet Seal and Forever 21 have some cheap options, or you can even scope out a local Dollar Tree to see if they carry.)
2. Rhinestone trim (I used Darice’s Bling on a Roll.)
3. Jewelry Glue (I used Aleene’s jewelry and metal glue, but you can use a glue gun as well.)
4. Mod Podge Melts and Molds – (the Mod Podge Mold with Flowers is what I used as well as Mod Podge Melts in green/white.)
5. Paint (if you use clear Melts pink or green paint does the trick. Just add a coat to match the color of the frames.)
6. Glue Gun (this is used with the Mod Podge Melts – put them in as you would glue sticks.)

To recreate the flowers on the original Tarina Tarantino sunnies, we’ll need four flowers/leaves to put in the center and at the sides of the glasses.

The Mod Podge Melts and Molds were used for this step. Fill the flower and leaf molds with the melts (top L), paint the hardened pieces (if a color melt wasn’t used – I used green for the leaves and clear for the flowers, so the leaves were fine) the matching shade of pink (top R), dab glue on the backs of the flowers and leaves (bottom R), and affix to the sunglasses (bottom L).

Hello Giggles - DIY - The Mindy Project - Mindy Lahiri Sunglasses

Mold filling and painting!

I went with one leaf in the center, just because it fit nicely in-between the flowers, and then added a strip of rhinestones to the top portion of the glasses.

Hello Giggles - DIY - The Mindy Project - Mindy Lahiri Sunglasses

Rhinestones, glued!

I added flowers and leaves to the edges of the glasses next and then let the frames dry!

Hey new sunnies!

Tarina Tarantino DIY sunglasses - New Dress A Day

It’s a Sunshine Day!

We look like twins!

Tarina Tarantino DIY sunglasses - New Dress A Day


Easy to make, super chic, and totally budge friendly.

Tarina Tarantino DIY sunglasses - New Dress A Day

Garden sparkle!

I love the Tarina pair and I love my pair!

Tarina Tarantino DIY sunglasses - New Dress A Day

Original Pair – $65 / My Pair – $3 (plus crafting supplies from my stash)

I might have to get on a few more DIYs for the sunnies this summer.

Hello Giggles - DIY - The Mindy Project - Mindy Lahiri Skirt and Sunglasses

Mindy’s stand in

Good thing I bought extra pairs at the flea market. Stay tuned!

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  • Molly Corcoran

    Marissa, sorry this isn’t pertinent to today’s DIY, but I wanted to share a repurposing success with you. I had bought a 500 thread count fitted sheet that felt like heaven it was so soft. Unfortunately my boxer likes to play on my bed and ended up ripping it. I couldn’t throw the sheet away but couldn’t imagine what I would ever do with it. Last night I realized I need a new slip to go under summer white’s and then whoppee! I knew just what to do with that soft soft sheet! It turned out fabulous – I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to be creative. You put so much heart and soul in what you do for us, your readers. It is truly appreciated!

    • newdressaday

      OMG, I love that Molly!!!! You made my day – so thrilled to hear this! YAY! Upcycle success!!

  • Carolyn

    Couldn’t some tiny silk flowers be used just as easily?

    • newdressaday


  • HannahF

    Uhh not feeling as much as I wanted. The greenery are to flat, and the original is curved- giving the sunglasses a more complimentary look to the face. Whereas yours are just flat and stuck on, not creating dimension . I do love most of your diys but this was a dud for me

    • Paprikati

      I wasn’t won over by these either and I think the problem is proportion. The flowers seem too big. Will try this with smaller vintage glass beads instead, so thanks for the inspiration!

      • newdressaday

        Yeah, totally go for something that works for you! If my too-big flowers make you think that smaller will be better for you, then I’ve done my job – anything to get those creative wheels turning! xx

    • newdressaday

      All good! You won’t always love everything that gets made :)

  • lagraham

    I’d never heard of Modge Podge melts and molds. Going to have to check these out for jewelry making!

    • newdressaday

      Get it, girl! They have been SO much fun to use. Keep me posted how they turn out!

  • shoestringmag

    Love this. Love, love, LOVE it. Especially your sassiness in the side by side comparison. You’re all, “Sheesh, mine are better AND cheaper, Mindy Kaling.” Also? The hands are so Coffee Talk. <3

    • newdressaday


  • Marissa Nielsen

    Am LOVING The Mindy Project!

    • newdressaday

      ME TOO!! I can’t wait until next season…

  • Sue Kol

    I am not a rhinestone girl, but I love this remake! I vote that you make one of these for your give-a-ways

    • newdressaday

      Sue, I’m on it! Planning a fun summery giveaway of DIY projects soon!!

  • brenda

    like them a lot. with my peripheral vision I would be a bit distracted though. also still trying to figure out why I am no longer receiving your newsletter and have to remember to tune in manualy.

    • newdressaday

      I totally get the side distractions that you might get :) Just add the stones for a cute embellishment instead!

  • Angela

    what the what!? How have I never heard of mod podge melts before?! I’m going to a craft store today!!

    • newdressaday

      Angela, they’re AMAZING!! If you grab them, tell me what you make. I’ve been playing around with a ton of ideas…

  • Lyn

    HEART the Mindy Project. Her fashion is so incredible. I feel like I need to be a Manhattan OBGYN to afford them. I am more of a jealous observer of your site but I think MP might inspire me to get a sewing machine to copycat a go-go!

    • newdressaday

      Ha, right?? I’m going to try to do more of these next season. I’ll tally your favorites and get on it!

  • newdressaday

    I totally get it! You can DIY your sunnies to have all the embellishments stay on the frames!