Giveaway: License Plate Bracelet

May 9, 2014 | 52 Comments

I’m working on this fabulous piece at the moment (you’ll see the after look on Monday once I’m through)…

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage black and white dress - thrift store shopping

Can’t wait until this is complete!

…so in the interim, I have an awesome giveaway from reader Sarah’s super crafty etsy shop, Sweet Someday. She reached out my way, filling me in on the incredible license plate upcycling that she rocks out. She’s a master with that saw!

New Dress A Day - license plate upcycling - Etsy - Sweet Someday

Work in progress

I was completely blown away!

“All of my items are either upcycled or repurposed, with a little bit of vintage mixed in.” Check out her amazing handiwork – that star is ridiculous and just screaming, wrap some lights around me and hang me up this Christmas!

New Dress A Day - license plate upcycling - Etsy - Sweet Someday

How cool are all of these?

I can only imagine how tricky it must be working with metals like this. I prick my fingers all the time with pins, so there’s no way I’d leave unscathed after working with license plates as a medium.

Sarah is giving away one of her license plate cuffs, like the Minnesota one she made below…

New Dress A Day - license plate upcycling - Etsy - Sweet Someday

!Cuff trio

Instead of the state, unless you’re a Minnesotan (is that right??) and would like that on your cuff, you can choose an initial for a monogrammed option.

New Dress A Day - license plate upcycling - Etsy - Sweet SomedayNew Dress A Day - license plate upcycling - Etsy - Sweet Someday

Wrist candy

I’m still in road trip mode, so this bracelet is the perfect piece of jewelry for summer travel coming up! I would totally choose an “M” to don as I drive up the coast. To enter, scope out Sarah’s etsy store and leave a comment below with a summer trip that might be coming up or any fun summer plans you might have along with the initial of your choosing! The winner will be picked next Friday, 5/16 so they’ll get their arm candy just in time for the unofficial kick-off of summer, Memorial Day!

  • KT Finch

    The Outerbanks!! Nice and relaxing!

  • Heather HS

    So cute! I’m headed to Chicago this weekend. Should be fun! (And I would want an H.)

  • Lisa Snider

    Love this idea! My summer has turned into a reinvention of myself. I am finally leaving my small hometown and moving to a new state and the big city after 49 years! It’s never to late to follow your dreams! I would love to have the letter L!

  • slickak

    OMG! I love these!! I am taking a trip to Duluth this summer and this would be an amazing accessory! I would love to have an “A” bracelet.

  • Megan

    Ah, road trips are the best, aren’t they? We’re initial twins – I’m an M too!

  • Gail P

    So cute! So far, the only road trip we have planned is one to St. Louis for a Cardinals game. But I’m sure another one will come up at some point. I’d love the letter M for my son’s name!

  • Sarah Kristen

    Hey, that’s me! Thanks so much for featuring my shop! I’ve had a few nicks and cuts from the license plates, but no serious injuries (knock on wood!). Good luck to everyone on the giveaway!!

    • Raven

      I’m curious how you file the edges. (If you don’t mind sharing) Frankly, I never imagined you could do the cuts with a chop saw! You’ve got skills, girl. Fun, fun, fun!

      • Sarah Kristen

        Thanks Raven! For the bracelets, I use a sanding block, and then a buffing attachment for my rotary tool to smooth the edges. For the signs, I just sand lightly with the block, since those letters aren’t going on anyone’s wrist. Hope I get to send a “lake fun” sign your way!

  • Wesley

    I’m going to Mexico for a week in August, super excited! I’d be a W initial :)

  • Amanda

    I’m from Minnesota and traveling back there in 2 weeks for vacation! Perfect timing, eh? 😉

  • christine seidita

    No big plans for summer but I’m going to Spain in September! I don’t know if I would want a C for my initial or a P for my favorite aunt who is making Spain possible.

  • Megan Shimer

    I’m just excited for a slow summer of sewing :) I’d love a cuff with the letter M on it!

  • Mary Graff

    We’re planning an anniversary cruise. I would totally get an “M” on my cuff!

  • tracy i.

    We just moved from PA to NC a few months ago. Im planning a trip back to Pittsburgh in July for a weekend of fun on my best ftiend’s pontoon boat, the SEAducer. I’d love to be rocking a license plate bracelet with the initial T when I go home!

  • Raven

    Welllll…. May 16th is my birthday (true). We already took our vacation to Hawaii last month. Thrift shopping on the islands is a blast. I always pack light and score some fun “new” stuff to either re-make or donate back at the end. Absolutely the best place to find your next swimsuit(s). Regardless, thanks for sharing Sarah’s work. I’ve always wondered about the process. Initial “L” for Leona should I be so lucky.

  • Laina27

    Can’t wait to get up to Lake Erie for the summer! And I’d love to be rocking my initial “L” when I hit the beaches, islands, and Cedar Point!

  • Kati Mattingly

    Love her stuff. My son collects full license plates but I’ve always wanted to cut some to make our last name! I can’t wait for time at the beach this summer with my kids. And I’d love the bracelet with the letter M!

  • Angela Curtis

    The main thing we actually have PLANNED is a trip to Kansas for our family reunion. I’d love to have a bracelet with the letter K (both my daughters are K names)

  • olivegreen

    What a neat idea! We’re currently planning a road trip to my husband’s relative’s cottage in Maine, but I’d love a bracelet with my home state on it – Ohio!

  • Caitlin Barnes

    Very cool! I’m going to Reno and Costa Rica this summer. Even though I have no road trips in the works, I’d love to have a cuff with the letter C.

  • Kathy Thomas

    I’ll be heading to Vermont to go camping with friends in a few weeks. I’d like a cuff with a K. Thank you

  • Karma

    The Etsy shop rocked! Love the cuffs and the Scrabble pieces, too. This summer I hope to take my vintage Airstream out for its first trip in many years to lovely dunes of Kitty Hawk, NC. If we can’t make it that far, we will instead head for Asheville, NC. North Carolina wins either way! I would love a K on a cuff!

    • Sarah Kristen

      Vintage Airstream – swoon! Hope you have a great trip and thanks for checking out my Etsy shop!

  • JennyRose

    Love the etsy shop! That license plate work is really cool, but all that scrabble stuff caught my eye. I’m such a word nerd. :-) I do love the letter cuff, I would get J.
    As for road trips – I’ll be doing a “grandparents tour” next month. I live in WA and will fly to NJ to visit my grandma and grandad then rent a car and drive to Buffalo, NY to see my grandpa (and meet my new nephew who is due June 3rd!) and then go off to NH to see my husband’s grandparents. It won’t be a relaxing vacation, but it will be good to see them and I know I won’t regret it.

  • Anna

    I’m moving to Denver!

  • Emily

    We are going on a few camping trips this summer. Not far, but away from home!!

    I would have to go with the letter E, as both my first and last name start with it. A double initial!!

  • Shelley

    Hi Marissa! I love your blog and never miss reading a post. Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiring us! Love Sweet Someday’s etsy, too. This summer, I’m traveling across the country to sunny California to celebrate my nephew’s 3rd birthday at his pirate-themed party! I have volunteered to head up the face painting station so…lets see how it goes, but I’m super excited! Thanks for offering this giveaway. I’d love to sport a cuff with an S on it. Best wishes for your continued success and thank you again for shining your creative Light!

  • Ronda Kisner

    I am hoping to take a trip up to a cabin up north this summer.

    I am from Minnesota ya hey, so I would love the one with the state outline, but the letter R would be good too.

  • katietailor

    I love the look of the bracelet with the Mn. state logo as I live here. Come my vacation I will be spending my time with my Grands. all 7 of them.

  • CoutneyB

    My fun summer plan is finding a new job. Not that fun, but it’s a plan! Unless Sarah has a Tennessee license plate lying around, I’d love a C or CTB cuff.

  • Melissa

    M is the initial I would choose.
    As for summer plans, I’ll be going to Orlando to visit family in August!

  • Vicki Ritterband

    I’m canoeing the Saco River in Maine with my family and friends this summer. And considering I haven’t camped since college (that was about 35 moons ago), I am a little nervous, but excited. I would pick the initial V.

  • msgould_ams

    My sister and I are heading to Seattle for a week (from MA), and I’m really looking forward to it, especially because I will have just finished an intensive training class (for work) and will need some down time :)

    And, I’d have to pick the letter “C” if I’m lucky enough to win!

  • Heather

    These are great! I am hoping to visit girlfriends in STL, Minnesota, and Colorado this summer. My bracelet choice would be an H, but if she has a Texas plate, I’d love that state shape, or an older TX plate that had the space shuttle on it.

  • jodi

    my family is going to daytona for a reunion!!
    love the bracelets…

  • Karen

    I’ll be heading home to visit family and friends in Michigan. I’d choose K, but if she had a Michigan option, I’d choose that if I were lucky enough to win!

  • brenda

    different subject– I have not been receiving your blog entries for several days, so I ckd out whether or not I am still on the mailing list by re subscribing and was informed that I am on the mailing list. do you know what the challenge might be ???

  • Emily Milbauer

    I would choose m too! My husband and I are road tripping back to our home state Illinois for a week seeing the people we love !

  • Colleen

    I will be going to the beach with family and friends! These cuffs are awesome! I would love a “C” cuff

  • jacqueline in atlanta

    We’re going somewhere this summer for our anniversary, but I don’t know where or when yet due to hubby’s crazy work schedule! Love that bracelet and a nice “J” would do me nicely.

  • Diane Nickerson

    We’ll be traveling to Chandler, AZ for a Bible conference in August. I’d choose an “S” for the cuff.

  • Maureen Warner

    M for the cuff.Dayton Ohio in June to see my 4yr old grandson!{and my son and daughter in law.

  • Lisa in AZ

    Hi, Marisa!
    I’ll be heading across the country in a few days to visit my mom in Florida.
    I’d love a “B” or the saguaro cactus from an Arizona plate.

  • Mollie Widdowson

    M for the cuff! I’m headed to Sarasota, FL at some point in late summer to celebrate 1 year with my current job and to see some family =)

  • Tina

    I’m a Minnesota girl so I would love the MN cuff. I am looking forward to friends flying in for a Memorial day baby shower.

  • b_sndbrg

    This summer I’m going to be back in the U.S. after 2 years of teaching English in China. But next week, my parents are moving from WI to AL. I’ll fly back to WI, visit some friends, then road trip to MI to visit my sister’s family, TN to visit my brother’s family, and finally AL to visit my parents. As for the cuff, I’d like an S. :)

  • anita

    vacationing for a week on Fire Island! I’d love an “A” or maybe something with an NJ theme

  • ambient

    Neat bracelets!! I love the state outline, but I really have no association to MN — phooey. I’d take a B instead!

    And in this household, Memorial Day isn’t Memorial Day unless you’re headed to Ocean City, Maryland.

  • Jen Friedman

    I am headed to Puerto Vallarta on Thursday. Can’t wait for some time by the pool!
    I’d love a J cuff! :)

  • Yolonda Christopherson

    Love the cuff bracelets! Having a baby boy this summer so that will be our family adventure! I would love the Minnesota State symbol

  • Celeste

    I hope to be able to take a trip up to Virgina to see my sister, who is interning at Monticello. // I’ll take a letter C!