Giveaway: Cardboard Sheek

Dec 17, 2013 | 72 Comments

I spent some time at the amazing Unique LA craft/gift fair a week ago checking out tons of amazing goodies from the most fantastic handmade artists.  When I came across Cardboard Sheek, I couldn’t leave their booth!

New Dress A Day - Cardboard Sheek - UniqueLA - cardboard banners

Coolest booth backdrop!

Really, I couldn’t leave it.

New Dress A Day - Cardboard Sheek - UniqueLA - cardboard banners

New friends!

Boss lady Sarah and her mom rock the cardboard/paint/twine game with the coolest garlands.  From tasseled garlands to big paper flowers, I’ve been seeing wallhangings everywhere and really need one in my life!

New Dress A Day - Cardboard Sheek - UniqueLA - cardboard banners

Holiday wall!

They hand cut each piece of cardboard which in itself is a feat!  I’m not the most handy with my x-acto knife, so I can only imagine that it would take me forever to make one of these.

New Dress A Day - Cardboard Sheek - UniqueLA - cardboard banners

So festive!

But because I loved them so much, we’re doing a giveaway here.  YAY!!

New Dress A Day - Cardboard Sheek - UniqueLA - cardboard banners

So perfect for holiday family pics!

One lucky reader will win a holiday banner for themselves as well as a banner to give a friend/family member of their choosing!!! Nothing better than sending cheer to someone else over the holidays, right?

New Dress A Day - Cardboard Sheek - UniqueLA - cardboard banners

Be Merry!

To enter, head over to Cardboard Sheek, scope out all the options, and leave your favorite in the comment section below.

New Dress A Day - Cardboard Sheek - UniqueLA - cardboard banners


I love the “Be Merry” one just because it works for everyone!  Also for anyone wanting to place an order, Sarah is offering a 20% discount for NDAD readers on all the holiday garlands!!  Just use NEWDRESSADAY20 as the coupon code when you check out.  I think I’m going to snag a few to decorate my place with.

This is the first time that I’m using Rafflecopter to sort the giveaway, so we’ll see how it works out!  This giveaway ends on Friday 12/20 – just in time for the holidays – and the lucky winner will be notified immediately so the goodies can get sent out pre-Christmas!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yay for handmade holiday wares!!

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  • Katie M.

    I LOVE these!! I think I’d choose the Merry Christmas banner. It would look so perfect above the fireplace. My mom would receive the extra banner and it would make her day.

  • Anna

    I love the Heartstrings banner! It would look cute in my dorm room. :)

  • Lynette

    I love all of them but my favorites are the red Merry Christmas and the Happy Birthday. I would share one with my best friend, she loves them too! What a clever idea!

  • wes

    My mom would get the second one, of course!

  • AprilJ212

    My favorite is Dashing through the Trees, although I also like Letters to Santa. So cute.

  • taysha r

    My friend B who loves to holiday decorate

  • Crystal Kemper

    I really like the “Be Bold – Joy” one! So pretty.

    • Crystal Kemper

      Oh and my best friend Pam who just had a baby boy at 27 weeks gestation would receive the second one. I’d get her the “Oh baby! – Vintage Blue” one. :)

  • Emily Milbauer

    I love the birthday rainbow!

  • Reina

    Love the Oh Baby!! banner

  • Elizabeth R.

    I love the red Merry Christmas! I think I’d gift the second one to my neighbor and friend Julie.

  • Susan H.

    Merry Christmas for me, and the Happy Birthday banner for my niece with three boys!

  • Jenn61

    So many cute choices, my two favourites are ‘Dashing Through the Trees’ and “Letters to Santa”. One for me and one for my friend, Michelle, her whole place is shabby chic and one of these woud go so well.

  • Pam H

    I love the Merry Christmas one

  • kissem37

    I love those snowflakes! They could be up all winter long <3

  • kirsten

    I would love the “merry christmas” for myself, and the “oh baby” for my pregnant friend to use at her baby shower!

  • RaeRaggs

    I love the snowflakes. That would be a great one to share with my aunt too, who does a snowman theme for Christmas.

  • Cindy Smith Brown

    I would love a Happy Birthday banner! I have seven grandkids, so it would be so cute to take their pictures under it at their birthdays this year! And also a Love banner to share with a friend who is just starting out doing some photography.

  • Rachel Woody

    My mom would love these banners!

  • Dana Newman Nichols

    I love the “be merry” one and I would give one to my daughter!

  • JennyRose

    “Peace” is my favorite. So simple and lovely.

  • Ali

    I like Dashing through the Trees and the colorful Happy Birthday one! The cake topper in the gallery is gorgeous too!

  • JennyRose

    “Peace” is my favorite. So simple and lovely. I would share it with my friend Clarissa who just bought her first house!

  • Karen Bingham

    I read it as cardboard steak, oh dear x

    • Cardboard Sheek

      Hahahahaha!!!! This is Sarah, from Cardboard Steak and this made me laugh out loud!

  • lovescolor

    The Be Merry would be great for my cousins in Atlanta. And I absolutely love the Letters to Santa and cookies. Original and adorable designs.

  • Jillian Hew

    My favourite is the “Be Merry” one as well! Such a cute decorative idea!

  • Nicole

    I would share with my sister!

  • Adriana

    Love those garlands!! I like the red Merry Christmas one and also the red hearts banner too! :)

  • HDMom

    OHMYGOSH! They are so awesome! I love the Peace one with the dots. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kat

    I love the peace one and the birthday one for niece

  • anita

    (Oops – had some trouble with Rafflecopter. Couldn’t leave a comment!)
    I’d get the “Joy” banner for my sister Joy, and get the Happy Birthday banner for my family – I string up a banner across my foyer for everyone’s birthday, and Cardboard Sheek’s is waaay better looking than my old one from the dollar store!

  • Kati M

    Those are so fun. I love the Dashing through the trees and Hope ones.

  • Mary Graff

    I love “Be Merry”. I would “secret santa” the second banner to my daughter, who is a teacher and could use it in her classroom each year.

  • Lisa Stagno

    I love the Rainbow birthday banner and would love to share the Dashing through the trees banner with my sister.

  • Liz

    I’d share with my mom!

  • Sue

    Be Merry is also my favorite. Such cute designs. I would give the second one to my mom and sister that I just visited in AZ. :)

  • Adrienne Rae

    Be Bold (Full Set)! – because Why Not? Peace, Love, and Joy are awesome.

  • Kat

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE!!! I’d choose the Be Merry for myself and my “Daughter-in-Love”. She is the mother of 4 boys and needs every crafty, cutsey, pretties I can give her.

  • Chelsea

    Can I just say everything? Ummm, probably LOVE with the flags… but I seriously want them all!!

  • Amber Castelli

    Love and Family :)

  • Jessica

    Definitely love the “Letters to Santa” one. The envelopes are just so darn cute. I would definitely send one to my best friend.

  • Rosie

    I just love the Be bold- full set.

  • kate b.

    What a cute and unique store! I really like the Love, Hope, or Hooray ones. They’re so beautiful that I would love to get one that could stay up for a whole season.

    • kate b.

      I just wanted to add that I would give the second one to my best friend, who loves all things paper. It would be a great gift!

  • Virginia C~

    Be Merry or the snowflakes- such cute work!

  • CourtneyB

    Cookies for Santa! That is so adorable.

  • paula

    So cute. I would love to send one to my granddaughter. I think the snowflakes banner my favorite.

  • MeganD

    I love the “joy” banner. The circles look like confetti, and make it so festive!

  • Mollie Widdowson

    The snowflake banner is my favorite!

  • Diana

    I don’t know what the heck happened but I tried to enter and had to send my email address which they took as a comment or something… I did like the snowflake garland and I’d give a second one to my sister.

  • jesshogue

    I would send the “Be Merry” banner to my secret santa at work. Love ya, Melissa!

  • Steveshooman

    They are all adorable, but I love the “Merry Christmas” banner in Ruby Red.

  • Celeste

    My sister

  • Erica Newhart

    I love either the PEACE or HOPE banner and I would give one to my sister-in-law!

  • bittystarr

    I would give the other banner to my sister – her apartment could use some cheer! I love the dashing through the trees banner.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Marisa for sharing this unique artists with us all. I think my favorite is the “There is always Hope” frame but I really like the “be merry” one as well. But they are all so wonderful! I think my give away one would be to my friend TM. But I don’t know which one I pick for her.

  • Maranda

    I am obsessed with gold right now, so I would get the gold “Joy” banner!!

  • Kristina Fukuda

    I like the be merry and the snowflakes equally. They’re both great and versatile!

  • Maranda

    And I would give the second banner to my sister-in-law!

  • Joy Ballard

    Joy for me for obvious reasons. Something uplifting for my cousin. Merry Christmas, all.

  • Gail P

    I’d choose something for my sister!

  • UptoSacto


  • sarah b.

    I love the joy and be merry ones, and the Christmas hard to choose, they are all so cute! I would give one to my sister.

  • Tracie Redleaf

    I like the christmas trees, snowflakes and the cookies. I love that they even have a bite out of one of the cookies. Very fun.

  • AmyL

    Secret santa would be my sister and she would get the “be merry” banner. thanks for hosting!

  • MrsRound

    I would pick my Secret Santa to be my mom who just had a lumpectomy yesterday. I would pick “peace” for her.

  • Karen Twelves

    Would get the hearts one to put up as a surprise for my fiance next Valentine’s day.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    For my sister in law! Thanks for the chance!!


    I would SS my sister, it is classy in the way she appreciates

  • aprilynnd

    I would secret Santa my sorority! These would be PERFECT for recruitment!

  • sue

    I would secret santa my daughter-in-law