Katharina’s NDAD Creation: Holiday Edition

Dec 14, 2013 | 11 Comments

As soon as Katharina sent this my way, I had to post it! We’re all in holiday mode and everywhere I turn there’s decor. Be it in stores, in front of people’s houses, and even on cars! I was lucky enough to catch a Hanukkah parade in LA that consisted of a string of cars driving with twinkle light menorahs on their roofs! I need some holiday car bling! In the meantime, check this project out…

Hello from Rio!  Last year, I was amazed with a picture I found on Tumblr…

New Dress A Day - DIY Christmas ornament hanging tree

Inspiration Tree!

…and it served as inspiration for my mother and sister to make our own. We had no idea how they made it, so we created something up ourselves.

We bought two stars made of some sort of woven straw to serve as a base and then my mom tied them together. We hung it to our ceiling using hooks that my grandfather had made for my fifteenth party. In Brazil, we don’t have sweet sixteen parties, we celebrate girls’ 15 years, similar to a quinceañera).

New Dress A Day - DIY Christmas ornament hanging tree

Ceiling dangler!


After that we sewed each ornament onto the base, using a whole lot of nylon thread! Yes, the tree was hanging the entire time, so we stood on chairs because we needed to see the height of each ornament as we placed it. It was three days of work with  glitter all over our dining living room area to show for it, but we did it!

New Dress A Day - DIY Christmas ornament hanging tree

Hang time

Of course, during the process we looked up “hanging Christmas tree” and saw the there was a much simpler way to do it, with hooks and a different base, but we’re still proud of our version! You see, when you live in a hot place like Rio, where Christmas is during the summer, the whole fake snow/pine tree act just doesn’t cut it. I think our tree is more tropical weather appropriate.

New Dress A Day - DIY Christmas ornament hanging tree - Grey's Anatomy Christmas

Family tree!

PS, this next picture is the view from under the tree.

New Dress A Day - DIY Christmas ornament hanging tree

Bird’s eye view, from the bottom!

My sister and I love to lie under Christmas trees and look at the twinkling lights, just like Meredith, George and Izzie did on Grey’s Anatomy.

New Dress A Day - DIY Christmas ornament hanging tree - Grey's Anatomy Christmas

George, Izzie, & Meredith tree watchin’


Doing that underneath this tree is a whole other experience! Hope you liked it, Marisa! Boas Festas! (“Happy Holidays” in Portuguese), Feliz Natal (Merry Christmas), e feliz ano novo (Happy New Year)!

Katharina, your tree is just spectacular! I think it looks amazing and I love that it was a family affair. Everyone got involved to create this beautiful piece which brings a smile to my face. You’re totally right – how bizarre must it be in tropical weather to have a big pine tree in your house? This does the trick perfectly and it is so perfect for the holidays! I need to try this on out at some point myself. Feliz ano novo to you too!

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  • Diana

    This is really a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gale

    This is absolutely one of the most creative Christmas trees I have ever seen. And it is amazingly beautiful. Great job!!!

  • Christie

    I love all the inventive reduxes I am seeing on Christmas trees this year (ornaments on walls, chalkboard tress & cloth trees) and love these floating ornaments. And so sweet that these sisters lie under the tree, dazzled by the lights. :O)

  • Kate Martin

    Stunning. I really like the straw stars as well.

  • mrsscubafish

    Love this!! I’ve seen them before in pics but to see how one family did theirs was very neat. I’d love to get a straw star here in the states but that probably isn’t going to be something I can find in spite of living in a semui farming area

  • ~anna~

    WOW! The three of you did a wonderful job! I love it! Your choice of ornaments is perfect!

  • Kyle Burkhardt

    Super super super neat!! I like the view looking up into the tree as well.

  • Sarah_H.

    Very pretty “tree”. And I love the way you worked together on this. Family working together and having good time together is one of the greatest blessings of the season. May merriment and joy be yours, all of you.

  • Jess

    That’s a great idea! I live in Australia and it’s always hot here at Christmas to (we’ve had nearly 40C the last few days). I might have to try something like this next year to hang in our front window.

  • Sue

    Love, love, love it. Wish I had the energy to make one of these myself but just got back from seeing family in AZ and the temp here is 14 and we have snow. Ugh. :)

  • JunoB

    Brilliant and beautiful!