Holiday Party Help!

Dec 13, 2013 | 54 Comments

I love hearing what you guys have to say when I can’t choose what to wear to events!  I’m the ultimate “takes forever to make a decision” gal, so I’m reaching out to you to help me pick!  I have an annual holiday dinner this weekend with all my BFFs from college.  We’ve been doing it for years (it’s in the double digits already!!), people fly in for it, and it has become the most fantastic tradition.  We all dress in festive attire, enjoy a big potluck where we all bring tons of food, and talk all night long.  No joke, people have watched the sun come up!

So, help!!  Which outfit should I pick??  Here are my three options:

LOOK #1 – Vintage white tulle dress

This dress feels like it could have been worn at a wedding?  The amazing buttons on the wrists made me think that a wedding could have been on the agenda.  The only thing is that there’s also these rust circles in the center of lace printed flowers made with glitter!  Yes, glitter!  I love the print, love the sleeves, don’t love the long beaded strand that hangs from the back of the dress, but all these things can be tweaked.

New Dress A Day - vintage tulle wedding dress - thrift store shopping

Look #1

LOOK #2 – Black tiered lace dress

This dress is a ribbed polyester with three different tiers of fabric.  The lace down the arms is super cool, but the rest of it needs some help.  Could be a very cool mod option with a little adjusting.

New Dress A Day - vintage black lace dress - thrift store shopping

Look #2

LOOK #3 – Vintage velvet lace dress

This one has some holes on the waist, strings hanging, and there is not a working zipper on the back of the piece but I do love the velvet.  The shade is super gorgeous too – love me some burgundy!!  It feels a little more Thanksgiving-y to me, however there is always room to make something work!

New Dress A Day - vintage oxblood velvet dress - thrift store shopping

Look #3

OK, I leave it in your hands…I’ll be wrangling thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well, so send me your thoughts and make my decision!  I’ll be going choosing the top vote-getter Saturday morning, so let your voice be heard!

TGIF, friends!

  • Carissa Browning

    I see major potential in all of them, but my vote would be for the black tiered one. The lace inserts are fabulous, and who couldn’t use a new little black dress?

    • Marlow

      Sorry–posted in the wrong place.

  • Helena A.

    Hi Marissa! An annual holiday dinner with all your BFFs from college to me, means joyful time! So I would pick the white one! Kisses from Portugal

    • Christie

      yeah, I’m for the white one too.

  • Jody Wallace

    I want to see them all, but the maroon velvet color looks the most promising…

  • Dee

    I would really love to see what you can turn out with #1, the white one!

  • Aubrey

    Whatever you do with either dress will be fabulous, but since this is the year the roaring 20′s are coming back into style, I’m interested to see how festive you can make the black tiered dress :)

  • Meira


  • Marlow

    I can see the white one dyed a rich gold to cover the rust and to complement your red hair. It looks as if it would need no adjustment as far as fit goes except to shorten it a bit to a little below the knee for a sophisticated ’50′s look. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Enjoy the party

  • Octavia

    I think they are all fabulous but I’m voting for the black tiered number. That lace on the sleeves are to die for and I think it’s such a sexy sophisticated way to wear long sleeves for a winter Christmas event.

  • Karen Bingham

    Girls together? Black and make it little.

  • DLC2791

    I am definitely feeling option #2. Always bet on black! Classy and sexy, which is what I think it will look like once you’re done with it.

  • Ethne Hedren Denham

    Look #1, definitely, but with some dye. Maybe a jazzy plum color that’s been popular this season.

  • Kathie

    #2 I like the lace on the sleeves!

  • Linda

    Black one, please. It will be very festive, when you get done with it.

  • karenclark508

    Option 2. Option 3 is next guess ONLY if you use Option 2 for a New Years shindig. I picture short layers on the black dress.

  • Sarah

    black one! #2 :)

  • Rachel Woody

    I want to see 3! Burgundy can be a perfect holiday color!

  • aad

    i vote black

  • Kate Martin

    I vote burgundy velvet!

  • Lent

    I’d go for #3. The velvet seems so holiday to me!

  • Lisa S

    #2 because It seems like too much to change…For #1 and #3 I can almost visualize what you will do…but the black one not so much.

  • Diana

    I love, love, LOVE the black dress… with the current flapper-y “Bonnie and Clyde” thing going on, I’d pick that one. You will rock ANY one of the looks, you know!

  • JunoB

    I’m sure you’ll do something fabulous with all three, but I have to go with #3. Burgundy velvet is definitely festive!

  • Angela

    #2, would love to see that remake!

  • ~anna~

    I choose the white dress…It seems light and festive to me :)

  • Erin

    Number 1: I’d love to see what you do with it. And, everybody has black.

  • Jenn61

    #1, everyone wears black to these things

  • Becky Henderson

    #3 looks festive to me. Cranberries on the tree and junk. I can’t wait to see what you do with the awesome black one. I think that one should be your New Years dress!

  • bajacalla

    the black one (#2)

  • Barbara Hausman

    The burgundy one is much more of a challenge. Nothing really going for it but the material and color. You’d have your work cut out for you with that one. Would love to see the result.

  • Gillian

    Hard decision – all three are fantastic and I want to see what you do with all of them. However as you can only wear one to the reunion I choose the black one.

  • UptoSacto

    #2 for the lace. the before & after could be spectacular because of all the ways to alter it. or, cut it in half ;-)

  • Amanda

    2! Love the sleeves!

  • T

    #2 – I love the sleeves!

  • Brenda McNamee Diggs


  • Amanda Davis

    you must do #2, LOVE the lace on the arms, beautiful!

  • Soph

    1 or 2!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    #3! Burgundy Velvet screams December to me.

  • Bev Blevins Arthur


  • joeys gal

    #2…take it in and belt it with one of your fabu scarves, leather belts?> add a statement necklace!! later you can decide if… #1 needs to be dyed and #3 needs more time and thought!!

  • Misty

    I can’t wait to see what you do with #2, but I’d say #3 would be best for your annual holiday dinner.

  • emmalou


  • bloepper

    i’m opting for no. 2 – i see you partying in a super snazzy, slightly sexy and more modern than traditional outfit.

  • Longtime Fan

    My vote is for the burgundy velvet. Very festive indeed. I imagine it as a baby doll dress. Maybe you can remove the white trim with a seam ripper and reattach it at the waist or hem or just do away with it altogether and make it modern. I love the black dress too but save it for new year’s.

  • Sara Gubits

    all of them :)

  • Helen

    Nothing says Christmas dress like a dark red velvet dress! That’s got my vote!

  • april


  • Alana


  • Paula

    #3 The velvet just says Christmas to me.Not many times of the year you can wear velvet.

  • Linda McCarthy

    I’m voting for the burgundy unless you’re gonna dye the white dress green. I’d lose the white trim and maybe add some black lace and definitely shorten it a bunch. Those are my thoughts. Happy re-designing!!!

  • Allie

    burgundy velvet!!

  • kissem37

    I’m joining the #2 crowd!

  • Sue

    Probably too late to join in but #3 screams holiday!