DIY: Cabochon Stud Earrings

Dec 13, 2013 | 8 Comments

On the 2nd day of DIY my true love gave to me. Two flower earrings and (yesterday’s) partridge in a (pair of gloves) tree.  I think this lyric modifying is going to get difficult from here on out.  Bear with me and the puns :)

DAY 2: Cabochon Stud Earrings

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - stud earrings

Studs are my jam.

This is a project that I love to make for myself, just because I basically only wear stud earrings.  I love hanging ones, but I can only wear them if I put a clip-on back on them all thanks to wearing big, heavy pairs when I was an 80s kid!  My lobes never recovered.  Le sigh.

Here’s another quick and easy DIY to add to your gifting list!

The project needs only a few supplies…

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - stud earrings


1. Cabochons (These are flat backed beads that you can score at any craft store.  I found these vintage-feeling ones in the fabric district downtown for 20 cents a pop, but here’s a cute stash I found online.)

2. Earring pin posts/stud backs (I bought a big bag of these years ago and am still using them. There’s a pack of 100/$4 here!)

3. Toothpick (The best tool for applying glue!  Feel free to use whatever you have close by to apply.)

4. E-6000 (The glue of champions. This stuff works SO well.)

I opened my tube o’glue and dipped in the toothpick to get a good amount on the tip (1) and then dabbed the back of one of the cabochons (2).  I took the pin post and pushed it into the glue to stick (3)…

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - stud earrings

Glue, dab, set.

…and then repeated this process for the other cabochon.  Once the earrings were put together, I let them dry for a few hours.

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - stud earrings

Let ‘em dry!

And in no time, a brand new pair of earrings are done and ready to be rocked!

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - stud earrings

Love the vintage look of these!

This would also work really well for metal backed ring bases, using a larger cabochon to create a statement ring!  Hmm, maybe you’ll see that DIY in a few days?

Two DIYs down, 10 more to go!

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  • Patti

    LOVE!!!! I think I can even do this…xo

    • newdressaday

      You can, you can!! xo

  • Sarah_H.

    Pretty earrings. If you have pretty vintage buttons, or non-vintage for that matter, you can cut off the back and make earrings from them too.

    • newdressaday

      Oh, definitely! Buttons would work lovely as well :)

  • JunoB

    Very pretty. Love the vintage-ness.

    • newdressaday

      They’re super dainty – I might wear them with everything!!

  • Tracie Redleaf

    Love these and E 6000 is an terrific for all kinds of projects, going to make some asap.

  • Cyndi

    I made earrings like this years ago and forgot how fun it was to do until seeing your post. I think I need to make some more! Thanks for all of your great ideas and remakes. I enjoy your blog so much!