Giveaway: Wool Fringed Poncho

Dec 31, 2013 | 29 Comments

Just a day away from 2014!!  I can hardly believe it!

I have some fab pieces coming up, but while I finish working on them I thought I’d post another giveaway!!  Winners from the last handful of goodies will be mentioned/contacted at the end of this week, WOO, and this contest will run until the end of next week (1/10)  (Also, there’s still time to enter to win a Tassimo brewing machine HERE – that contest closes tonight, so head on over to get in the mix if you haven’t entered yet!)

Up for grabs today is this gorgeous fringed poncho!!  Ooh la la!!

New Dress A Day - Wool Fringed Poncho - Giveaway


It’s a OSFA (one size fits all) wool/acrylic blend in a gorgeous, dark shade of navy.  It’s the perfect piece to toss on top of your outfit for a little bit of warmth!  It’s cuter than a snuggie!

New Dress A Day - Wool Fringed Poncho - Giveaway

Win Me!

To enter, leave a comment below with one of the funniest/weirdest/most ridiculous gifts you’ve ever received for the holidays.  Something nutty from an aunt or an uncle or a white elephant gift that couldn’t have been sillier?  I’m always so curious to know who actually buys the bacon scarf

New Dress A Day - Bacon Scarf


Happy almost 2014!!

Remake: Holiday Plaid

Dec 30, 2013 | 21 Comments

Happy post-Christmas/pre-New Year Monday!!  I hope everyone is enjoying some time off, some time with friends and family, or perhaps some time away!  I was able to spend Christmas (and a little time offline) with my family in the south and now am ready to ring in 2014 with a bang back at home!

This was one of the pieces that I brought with me to NC…

New Dress A Day - DIY - Vintage Plaid Apron


Holiday perfection??  It felt apron-y, yet had a fitted waist and side zipper, so I’m leaning more towards a jumper of sorts?  I loved the print, but that waist…it just wouldn’t zip up.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Vintage Plaid Apron

Too small!

I thought this would be a fun project to attack from a “what to do when it’s too small” question that many of you pose!!  Oh, and look at those ruffles!!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Vintage Plaid Apron


Time to make this holiday appropriate because I’m not quite sure if it would fly if I didn’t have a white top on underneath.

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Julia’s NDAD Creation: Holiday Edition

Dec 28, 2013 | 15 Comments

How many of you out there have holiday attire that needs a little facelift?  The lovely Julia submitted a piece that turned out SO well and her project is going to give you a bit of inspiration on tweaking those pieces.  Check it out…

I got crafty last night with a Coldwater Creek vest I found in a thrift shop and loved…

New Dress A Day - DIY - Ugly Holiday Vest - thrift store

Snowflakes Vest!

…but ultimately would never wear.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Ugly Holiday Vest - thrift store

It’s snowing!

Snowflake vest!! What will Julia craft this into??

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My Mother’s Attic: December

Dec 27, 2013 | 20 Comments

The lovely Ashley has been contributing for the past year and her final post has arrived! So sad to see her go (she’s not gone forever…she’ll be back with some special posts now and again) but so grateful to have had a lovely new voice here at NDAD. All the pieces she’s created and worn directly from her mother’s and grandmother’s closets have made me swoon and today’s are no different. Ash, you’re a gem. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. xo

My final My Mother’s Attic of the year! Twelve posts! Where on earth did the time go? I cannot thank you all enough for welcoming me into this lovely, supportive community. I learned so much this year. It was really fun to go back and review the year of looks and be reminded of just how far I’ve come. My goal was to learn the basics of sewing, and thanks to Marisa and this column, I no longer fear my sewing machine! Hoo-rah!

New Dress A Day - vintage dress - My Mother's Attic

A year of looks!

This final post was a fun way for me to pull together the essence of this project and show off the skills I’ve acquired. My mother grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia in the 50s. My grandmother, a woman of her era, would purchase classic Indonesia batik fabrics and then ship them back to the U.S. to have a seamstress turn them into dresses in the latest American styles. I am so very lucky that my mother held on to two of these pieces, and they are in AMAZING condition (and fit me. Bonus!).

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Merry Christmas!!

Dec 25, 2013 | 4 Comments

Wishing all of you out there the most lovely holiday imaginable!!  I’ve been spending some time scoping out old photos with my family (we have thousands!!) but one of my faves is this one…

New Dress A Day - Merry Christmas

Wee Marisa wishes you a Happy Holiday!!

A rad little photo/DIY ornament from back in nursery school!!  Photo on one side with a ric rac trimmed, glittered styrofoam ball on the other??  Best. Ever.

Sending out all my x’s and o’s for a most beautiful holiday!

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