NYC Signing is Cancelled :(

Nov 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

Hey guys!  Because of the weather, and Mayor Bloomberg’s urge to have NY-ers stay in this evening, we’re cancelling the NYC signing/DIY demo at Make Meaning tonight.

I’m really sad I won’t be able to see your faces this evening, however I want my East Coasters to stay warm, dry, and safe!  I’m heading to Boston though and will still be having a fun Saturday night party with my Bean-towners!


New Dress a Day Book Signing + DIY Party (with treats!)
6-8 pm
40 Berkeley Street | Boston | MA 02116

Sign up HERE on Facebook!!

Also, a new signing was just set up on Long Island for Monday evening, to accommodate those on and close by to LI.

Book Launch -LI-NDAD

Long Island Book Launch!

The NYC event will be rescheduled and we’ll probably be looking at some time in the new year, when it’s warmer (fingers crossed) and there are no snow/rain issues.  The outfit I was going to wear tonight will still be shot though…I’ll post that later!!

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